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ONC NATURALCOLORS Heat Cap For ONC Hair Heating Process

ONC NATURALCOLORS Heat Cap For ONC Hair Heating Process

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USE OF HEAT IS NECESSARY FOR RESULTS. ONC NATURALCOLORS do not contain chemicals to open your hair cuticles. After the color mix is on your hair. Use medium heat from our heat cap or hair dryer. This opens the cuticles so the color can go into your hair. Only use heat on the roots or regrowth hair. A heat cap is healthiest. As it opens the cuticles using trapped heat from your head. It also prevents overheating, which dries hair out. Don't forget - USE HEAT!

The ONC Heat Cap traps the heat that comes out of the top of your head. There is no need to plug or microwave it. The heat that comes from the body is enough.


Safe and convenient to use the ONC Heat Cap is designed for use with ONC NATURALCOLORS hair color dyes instead of using a hair dryer.

Its unique design uses low-temperature radiated heat from the scalp. This helps the hair cuticles to open to absorb color fully and evenly, for vibrant, softer, and healthier hair.

Thermal ・ No wires ・ No cords ・ Quiet ・ Simple easy to use ・ No arm ache ・ Move about freely ・ Gentle natural even heat ・ No overheating ・ Seals in color ・ Suitable for all hair types ・ Fully adjustable Velcro fastening strap ・ Reusable

The heat cap is recommended only when coloring roots and/or covering gray hair.

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