Who We Are

El Detox The Ultimate destination to clean lifestyle is the story of our director who has been experiencing tremendous difficulties sourcing High-end pure, natural, Eco-friendly and organic products both in the local market and online, the story implies to many others as well as it’s not easy nowadays to find clean, pure, natural and organic products.
The company was born with her initiative to set up a one stop destination E Retail Platform to guide everyone from using chemicalized products and thus making it easy for them to source the right and clean products from the portal.

Our Idea is simple to introduce El Detox as a catalyst to bring awareness to the power of detoxification by reminding people that it’s not just only what they put in their mouth that matters but also what they put onto their skin and hair that matters.

As a startup business we launched our first E Retail Platform and have been a player for almost a year trying to educate and change people’s lifestyle by providing them high end, Eco- friendly, organic, vegan and all natural products.

Headquartered in Qatar, we have been a successful e retailer for the past year for the brands such as The Organic Pharmacy, AEOS, Sudtana, ONC, Cocosolis and many more in our brand lines.